8 ways to Emotionally Support someone with Depression


Depression is the major mental disorder now days. It’s affecting more people day by day. Depression is a common illness worldwide, with no divisions made according to age, gender, race or external influencing factors. Family and friends are often the first line of defense in the fight against depression. That’s why it’s important to understand the signs and symptoms of depression.

Notice if your family or friends had these signs-
  1. -  Express a negative outlook of life.
  2. -  Frequently complaints the aches and pains.
  3. -  Unbalanced sleeping schedole.
  4. -  Doesn’t seem to care about anything anymore.
  5. -  Unbalanced eating habits.

Following are suggested 8 ways to emotionally support someone with depression

  1. Conversation:  talk to them about how they feel and what they feel. Talk to them nicely so that they won’t feel alone.
  2. - Care:  take care of them in their tough times. Try to not to leave them alone.
  3. - Unbalanced sleeping schedole.
  4. - Take them to a therapist:  depression needs to be cure. Take your loved ones to the therapist for the further treatment. So that, they can also live there life with satisfaction.
  5. - Be a friend whom they can count on:  be a person whom they can trust and can easily talk about their feelings and emotions. Bring your loyalty to them in their bad days so, they can feel better with you.
  6. - Motivate them for a positive lifestyle:  encourage them to get the positive impact in their life create positive environment around them, so they can feel good and comfortable.
  7. - Encourage them for extracurricolar activities:  motivate them to do the extracurricolar activities with you. Encourage them to play the game like volley ball, tennis, badminton etc. drag them into their hobbies so that they can feel positive with it.
  8. - Tell them to bring a social life:  encourage them to talk to the people, make new friends, going out with them and enjoy the life.
  9. - Encourage them to find the solution of the problem:  motivate them to fight against the problem, not to hide from them.

-Hopearay Team

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8 ways to Emotionally Support someone with Depression
Depression is the major mental disorder now days..
-Hopearay Team