Anyone can use (Hope Helpng In Every Step Pvt. Ltd.)’ Services in accordance with the terms and conditions, so please carefully go through the HAR terms and conditions to access and make use of online services. “”, “HAR”, “we”, “our” or similar terminology are in reference to Pvt. Ltd. “Client”, “You”, “your” or other similar terminology are in reference to you as a user of services. Applicability of terms: These terms and conditions are applicable to your usage of the website and to your receipt of any of our services through the website. IMPORTANT: is a technology provider that enables access to online therapy, healthcare professionals and payment and billing of services. services do not include medical care. The use of our online services is not meant for emergencies. At any time if you think you have a medical or mental health emergency or contemplating suicide call your local emergency number or go to the closest emergency room.

Nature of services is an online health platform that offers clients to connect with expert healthcare professionals (who have been authorized by to use the platform for delivering their services) and obtain one to one online therapy consultation with any of HAR depending on your area of concern. Our Panel consists of, but is not limited to, psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors, life coaches, nutritionists, general practitioners, gynaecologists, alternative therapists, homeopaths and speech and hearing therapists. All healthcare professionals on the panel are screened and have active and updated licenses, which can be viewed on their profile pages., an online health platform, offers services that include/are :

  • In compliance with HIPAA client anonymity and confidentiality policies (refer to the Privacy Policy)
  • Electronic audio-video consultations /online sessions with related healthcare professionals
  • Online session schedules, online assessments, message packs, reminders, refunds, blogs, related literature and other services related to online therapy
  • Offline programs for corporates and educational institutions


Our services are conducted via the internet. In order to schedule or book a session with the healthcare Professional you are required to write to [email protected] and make the payment online. Before scheduling the online session refer to the technical specifications required to conduct the online session. The information collected includes, but is not limited to your name, address, email address, telephone number, health information and the nature of the services you are requesting. Carefully go through user consent section before booking a session with one our of healthcare professionals.

Limitation of Liability Platform neither takes responsibility/warranty for the services nor promises any outcomes. We try our best to get the best professionals on board and address issues that may arise related to technology and payment for the services. The client and the healthcare Professional are in charge of what goes on in the consultation session. Therefore the payment for the online consultation is for the time of the service offered and not to any result of the service. The clients are responsible for any and all decisions/actions they take in their lives and the HAR or the healthcare Professional can not be held responsible for it. In case you are not satisfied with what is happening in therapy, you are encouraged to discuss your concerns with your Healthcare professional, who welcomes feedback, so that your concerns can be responded to and addressed. Feedback will be taken seriously and looked into with care and respect. If you feel still feel that your healthcare professional is not a good fit for your needs, you may request to be referred to another professional and are also free to end therapy at any time. You can also write to us on [email protected]

Healthcare professionals will provide details for each of healthcare professionals that are part of our panel. The healthcare professionals are responsible for providing the relevant information regarding their education, training, experience, specialties etc. Healthcare professionals at all have degrees and certifications in their area of specialization and expertise. makes all efforts to verify the credentials of all healthcare professionals, however, is not responsible for the credentials provided and disclaims any liability for fraudulent credentials or claims by healthcare professionals. disclaims any and all liability for any content the healthcare professionals’ post on their blogs and otherwise including accuracy and reliability of any information. Information written on the blogs is for informational and educational purposes only and is completely owned by the Author. takes no liability for the validity of the information or your reliance on it. healthcare professionals have a contractual relationship with us under which they are allowed to use our platform and technology to provide services to you. We assume no responsibility for the actions, advice or any other information they provide through the platform.

Terms of participation

We do not provide services to under 18 age group or any other emergencies can terminate the association or services for any user/client who violates terms and conditions, disturbs the website’s functioning or abuses other users.